Anticipation, Excitement and Fear

August 18, 2020

It’s no surprise that during the time leading to a session you are getting intensely bombarded with a range of desires, concerns and trepidation.

Don’t expect me to relieve all of these in messages… that’s not what you’re paying me for ;).

The first thing to do to give more room for pre-session excitement is to set the time, date, location and confirm it clearly to keep fluctuating doubt out the equation of whether the session will happen.

Next, you want to being replacing your masturbation schedule with techniques that enhance your physical sensitivity, so that you know you’re doing everything you can to maximise your experience. This means no ‘jerking it’ and instead squeeze your nipples, press around in your ass with your thumb or a toy, put fingers in your throat, spank, tickle and verbally call yourself dirty names.

Minimise new visual inputs, you’ve had plenty of those leading to booking your session, don’t spiral with increasing intensity, but instead keep it real. Sensations, eroticism, sluttiness.

Do these and you’re going to be on your tip toes before your session.

The final key is, to get realistic on what kinks you really don’t want to happen. Let me or your dominant know. Nothing will block your pre-session build up excitement more than obsession whether something you hate cold happen.

Enjoy kinksters.