Body First, Then I’ll Work You

July 15, 2020

As I’ve written about before, learning how important connecting and activating horniness in the ass is, was one of the biggest game changers.  The most prominent day to day change I notice is its impact on how reactive I am.

You’ve got to bring your body to the bdsm stage of a session if you want a deeply erotic experience. It’s like the bad news is that the extreme porn you’ve seen may not be as enjoyable as your fantasy/sitting comfortably at home/touching your dick exactly how you want may be, the good news is it can be way, way more.

First we’ve got to get your body moving, get your ass and cock horniness moving in the right direction and sending the kind of signals that create erotic possibility.

Once the groundwork has been set, then we can get kink in…

Retrain you, use you, get you back on the floor on all fours.

Get a hand over your mouth and take a ploughing from behind

Spanking, nipples, nails

and we’ve hardly used any tools yet.

Starting to get the picture?

Good, because I was just starting to wonder what your groan sounds like.