F me, Crush Me, Pound Me

July 14, 2020

Sometimes that need to have your insides crushed and pressed through your cheeky back door gets too much to just wait around, and pretend it’s not there.

Firstly I would say, congratulations, you’re one of those fortunate people who have their ‘horny hole’ wired up and already sending those semaphore messages up your vegas nerve signalling something between ‘I need something in me’ and general¬†indiscernible grunting, groaning, involuntary noises.

If everything I’ve written so far sounds like a foreign language, ‘for someone else’, or ‘bottom talk’ then biology may have something to say on the subject.¬† Getting your ‘back door’ linked up and sending those signals is a good investment of time, patience and professional training.

There can be a misconception that ‘bottoms are for bottoms’ but the most talented and well respected gigglos, femdoms, masters and tops take it from behind to keep that connection live and active.¬† Its simply a matter of who, how, when and how often.

There’s really no two ways around it. If you want to become the kind of slutty sub who tops love to play with, then you’re going to need some professional sex training or get a professional dominant to put you on the path of the aching ‘o’.

Get the professional boost, do your homework, and soon you’ll be confidently offering something that talented doms really want from you. Your erotic horniness, and genuine sluttiness.

Chris SU


Professional Dominant Chris