Gay curious domination

August 2, 2021

It may seem like a leap to go from pouring through videos on some remote website, to putting down a list of your desires for a proffesional dom.

To me it could be a logical progression in this curiosity.  You’re at a point where thoughts and video stimuli are consuming more of your time and attnetion than really necessary. 

So it could be possible to greatly streamline your fantasies.  By meeting the possibilities and finding out, in person, what makes you respond well.  You’re going to get some reality checks on what you really want, when you do it in person.

There are some fundamental physiological considerations that will support this:


Your ass, nipples and cock are connected to your brain via 2 different major nerve lines.  The effect of these is very different. Exploring both will yield a broadening of experience regarding what is enjoyable to you.

Submission to guidance is a strong effector on some calming and exciting personal endorphines. This is something experienced when I begin to give you directions with the intention to introduce new experiences. Being told where ot go and then discovering a new scenario upon arrival.

Oxytocin is produced by your body whenever we are touched, the contact itself will bring the real desires closer to experience. A trained and experienced touch can help allow futher changes which create even more erotic potential.


Any gay domination curiosity, if followed up with a skilled professional, may touch on the three physilogical effects above and could proved to be a whorthwhile step in your curious exploration.

The professional relationship in this allows for these explorations to be made, and then contemplated afterwards as a way to decide on future explorations.

As with all fantasy exploration, one of the most powerful tools is doing these without ejaculation. This avoids the chaotic aftermath of chemical changes, and allows for a much clearer deduction of the real enjoyments taken from one of these encounters.

Gay curious domination master in amsterdam Chris SU