Man Dominant Amsterdam

May 24, 2021

So you want a Mandom (or 2, or more…), here in the capital of talented and above board sex workers. You’ve seen the porn, you’ve heard the hype, and you want to down and consensually mauled.
It’s fair to say that you’re going to get more than you bargained for if you come enquiring to ChrisSU for some professional help with that slutty little thing in you, and you may be more than a little surprised with what is in store for you…
The first thing you’re going to find is that the lusty horniness that brings you in the door is going to be the star of the show. I’m not talking about lumping that horniness together with a short peak at the end of the session, and then spending our time before that making things difficult for you, and making you wonder why you bothered. I’m talking about you falling into an ever deepening, challenging and revealing sexuality that porn would have you believe that they’re doing.
The patience of the other masters that I work with, is going to plunge you into multiple men working horniness out of you in a way that will make you whole body need to move, twist, squirm, groan and perhaps even protest.
Here at our sexual tantric monastery you’re going to get the undivided attention of an intensely attentive collective of male masters and dominants, as requested, for as long as is desired, which will make you feel like the king or queen of sluts. That the dream of experiencing deep sexy secret fantasies having earned your way up has come true. Your well deserved reward, and the beginning of a whole new string of challenges.