Heavy Groan

April 30, 2021

A way t look at it is to think about the kinds of noises you make during a usual day.

A burp, laugh, comment, maybe a protest after stubbing your te on a radiator…

From this perspective its easy to recognise that the involuntary, deep belly groan that rolls out of your mouth, delighting my ear drums is that deep heavy orgasm that required some help with…

Sometimes theres a pushing back grunt, like you’re trying to keep yourself in the game during a series of bumps, thumps and presses in you.


This is how these heavy long orgasms work! Each one is different to the previous ones, if you’re honest. They’re going up two major nerve systems, both with entirely different effects in your body and ‘to/on’ you.  Some come with a feeling of longing, some with an intense feeling of not knowing how long you can take this for, some giggling and so on.

The point is that as these orgasms are back on the table, living fantasies out, and even some forms of attraction come back too.

NB. the grunts that you make don’t always seem to line up with the crushing inside you, sometimes they pop out of your mouth intensly when I’m sliding out of you a little. Even I get surprised when some of them just groan out.

Groan and moan chris stuff you