Ritual and Lifestyle Kink

July 17, 2020

There are clearly attractions to either entering a situation that is intentionally foreign, where you shed your day to day demeanour and step into an arena of possibilities. Or, to enter into a seamless continuation of the excitement for a kink that brought you here in the first place.

As a professional dominant I have a responsibility to know when you are leaving your normal state of experience so that the relationship to you remains precisely aligned to your desires entering the session.

The most challenging thing for me in the role I take with you is witnessing your ecstatic experience, and recounting it to and with you while remaining un-coercive in reminding you of the enjoyment you experienced moments earlier.

You may think that the ‘shedding your day to day’ possibility is more likely to have this affect than the ‘seamless continuation’ but it isn’t so.

From a recounting conversation of your experience, both can be equally elusive with the first being more conducive of a continuous story during recollection.

If you can, recounting as much of a skilled domination session as possible increases your changes of a future ecstatic session.

The worst thing a first timer/beginner can do for expanding their sexual potential is to approach a session with the mentality of ‘I’ll see if I like it or not, at least if I don’t then I tried it’, and then instead of methodically and carefully recounting the session, adopting the blanket perspective of ‘Ok, I tried it, now that’s done’.

If you disregard experiences you have enjoyed in this way, every experience closes doors for future enjoyment, rather than opening them.

Chris SU