Working With a Beginner

August 18, 2020

Firstly, sluttiness, femininity, and playfulness are very welcome in a session with me.  How far, in terms of makeup, wigs, lingerie and so on, you want to go is up to you, but if you’re up for something new then thats going to set the basis for an interesting time.

Beginners often come from very different ‘starting’ positions. I’ll list some below

– The nervous, curious, ‘I know nothing’.  Wanting to hand over the responsibility for the session to someone reliable and professional.  Often they either have an underlying confidence, or their erotic desire is sufficiently strong that once the ground rules, styles of communication and my desires as a dominant are clear, they arrange the date, and diligently check before the session that the plan is still there.

If they have reached the erotic layer of being able to push through to arrange their session then they can come to a point of ‘I have everything but need to talk more’, ‘I still have a feeling of uncertainty’, or ‘I’m not ready yet’. I don’t know much more about what happens with the ones who get stuck at that point, but I could imagine that a return to fantasies, more cancelled sessions with other doms, or reaching a point where waiting any longer is no longer tolerable could be some outcomes. When it comes to a session, I see no decent reason to wait any longer.

– The fantasiser. The fantasiser has watch so many video’s, and no matter how undersireable the predicament of the stars of the show, has turn their predicament into something disireable and comfortable, by maturbating to it in the comfort of their bedroom…

Young fantasisers often approach me in a hit and run style.  Pouring out a flurry of video scenes that they want, before rushing off as quickly as they arrived.  Its only when the fantasiser slows down and realises they’re pre-beginner that a session becomes possible.

Another chapter of this article will come in the future.

Good luck to the beginners out there. It’s cliché but… everyone had to start somewhere.